Laser Cutter - Engraving

OK, so I did some engraving on the laser cutter this evening but finding it tricky to achieve different shades of engraving on plywood.

I’d like to maybe have 3 different shades from very dark to light and not sure exactly how to adjust power/speed/frequency to achieve this.

Any people out there who’ve done this and have some good settings?

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Ruby has better settings for that.

You can defocus the laser slightly to get it darker. But generally you would adjust the speed to to see what works best.


I saw an interesting video on fine tuning power vs speed on materials using a grid design, it was for cutting rather than engaging but can’t see why you couldn’t use the same process.

Actually while looking for the cutting video, I found an engraving video… they’re not using tool control or Ruby, but I’m sure you can figure it out


I think it’s either burnt or not burnt with a very fine line between them

Have you tried dithering the image?