Laser cutter back in action 21/11/2018

(Louis) #1

Yes, you heard correct. The laser cutter is once again open for business. Thanks to a spare lens and a 3D printed resin holder from @Dani_Clode the machine is back in top form. The resin holder is being tested as an alternative to the pla but please still be careful when inserting the holder into the laser head and securing it finger tight with the locking ring. Also, be gentle when cleaning the lens as it is held in place by a friction fit only.
The lens naturally looks a little hazy so don’t be alarmed when inspecting it for the first time.
We will soon be doing a members pledge for a new bed and some spare parts for the laser so look out for that and please donate to this good cause!
Some test engraves for your enjoyment…
Happy lasing!
The @lasertechs

(Neil Thomson) #2

Nice work, thank you laser techs!

Also, what settings is that etching on, I’ve never got it to look that good!?

(Louis) #3

Hey pip, the settings are photo optimised engrave with a 333dpi. Power 100% and speed 25% for the dark one. You have to tweek your image contrast etc to get it to look like that but if you google photo optimised engraving tutorial Corel draw x7 you will see some good tutorials.

(Dermot Jones) #4

(Dermot Jones) #5

Thanks to our brilliant @lasertechs!!!

Can we give them a few weeks off now?

(Patrick) #6


I have some spare resin and silicone left. If you want I can knock out a mold and produce a few of these if you think we need spare ones for the future.

(Louis) #7

I’m certainly no expert on molding but the part lends itself nicely to resin printing and with the tolerance achieved, I am happy to keep it this way.
I am in the process of obtaining a quote for aluminium holders let’s see what comes back…

(Louis) #8

Although we don’t currently use multiple lenses in the space, the link below is great for explaining focal length and kerf… Enjoy…

(Dermot Jones) #9

Like the possibilities in that word…

(Dermot Jones) #10