Laser Cutter - Aluminium Honeycomb Bed

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Hi Laser Comrades @lasertechs

Tom @tomnewsom brought some new hex aluminium for the laser cutter 2017-01-25 and we fitted it.

Just some notes so we know when we did it and how to do it again.

  1. It comes flat packed so it’s a bit fiddly but much fun to play with. In principle you might want to wear gloves but it’s not that sharp and neither Tom nor I cut ourselves at all without them.
  2. It comes extra long and extra wide. Use (cheap) scissors rather than tinsnips or anything else. It’s hardly critical to get the cut dimensions right, but cut the width first, fit it, then cut to length.
  3. Our trotech laser frame has four corner L-brackets and some crossbars. Leave the crossbars alone, and undo all 16 L-bracket screws (3mm? allen key). The L-bracket screws protrude into the space of the aluminium hex to hold it in place.
  4. I found the best way was to pull the hex aluminium wide, fix at one short side, then pull and tweeze it along, then cut the length, then do up the last side.
  5. Just repeat: don’t cut to length first: you won’t be able to judge it accurately because the hex shape is pretty fluid.

Best regards,

New fitted:

Lovely patterns!

Nasty state of the old one:

Link to tool.