Laser bookings

(Chanelle) #1

Dear @lasers ,

Back in 2017 it was decided during a members meeting that a booking system would be utilised to allow fair use of the laser cutter, reduce members travelling a distance turning up only to find someone is on the laser cutter with 2 hr job etc.

The booking system can be located by:

Scroll down to bookings (here you will see any recent bookings)
Click on bookings (this brings up the calendar)
Click on all bookings - select laser cutter
Double check current bookings and select new topic
Add description - Laser cutting this time - that time
Click on the calendar icon - add date and time - click done
Click create topic.

It has been discussed among laser techs to allow fair use of the laser cutter bookings should follow these guidelines:

Bookings should not be longer than 2 hrs (if no one books or is in the space waiting to use the laser cutter you can continue cutting).

No re-booking within a 2hr time frame.

Members that do not show up within 30mins of the booking slot will lose booking to members waiting to use the laser in the space.

Members are not permitted to use the laser cutter and wood shop at the same time. i.e make a cut, sand laser project and return to laser cutting job during designated booking slot.

Thank you for your cooperation.


(Calum Nicoll) #2

I think this 2h guideline should be discussed further - this policy makes it impossible for anyone to start a large engraving job without being in breach of these rules. Similarly any job with extensive fixturing is also difficult.

The current unofficial guideline of book it and be reasonable/work around folk where possible is good.

(Andrea Campanella) #3

Can we restrict the use to 2h during the electronic nights ? Last time no one could access to it because someone booked from 7 to 10 pm and members who are coming in for the night sometimes use it for a quick job.

(Rich Maynard) #4

I think this is a good idea. Maybe limit bookings to 2 hours during other peak times too?

(Robert Kirberich) #5

I think using online bookings is great to be able to avoid disappointment, but when I’ve tried this before I can’t actually see the laser category in the bookings, and I know Robin had the same problem a while ago. So I wonder if I’m an exception, or if a large number of people is unable to use this.

Do I need to do something to actually be able to make a booking? (I did my induction a few months ago)

(Petra) #6

Hi Robert, just checked and signed you up as inducted. Somehow missed doing that months ago. You should be able to book by now.

(Louis) #7

I think we should all consider our projects carefully if we believe they are 2hrs+. Do the artwork prep before you arrive at the machine, if you need more time than 2hrs, book a slot early in the day mid week or late in the evening when there are far less people accessing the machine…
If you are running large projects also please ensure care for the machine with pre, during and post cleaning.

(Robert Kirberich) #8

Ah ta :slight_smile: Using the online booking more sounds like a great idea then if I was just the odd one out!

(David Cushing) #9

Ahh - I’m not able to book slots on the laser cutter either! Would you be so kind as to do “the thing” that’s needed too? Cheers!