Large Format Printer - Canon iPF605

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Large Format Printer (A1) - Canon iPF605.

Condition Notes

Second Hand (nearly new condition)

Induction and Training



List of @usernames who are responsible for maintenance

Risk Assessment

Watch out for jewellery/clothing/hair being caught into the paper feed if you lean over the back of the printer. Keep the back cover closed if you’re not working on feeding paper or changing roll.

There’s an automatic print cutter at the front end where the paper comes out. Don’t stick your fingers there while the printer is powered on.

Before Use

  • Remove cover
  • Ensure it’s plugged in to the mains and socket is switched on
  • Switch on using the ‘On/off’ button at the front panel
  • Check that the paper you want is loaded, and swap to a different roll if needed

If using for the first time

  1. Download and install the drivers from the Canon website:
  2. Set up the printer for your system

During Use

Keep an eye out for paper jams and ink levels. Cancel the print using the button on the control panel if something goes wrong.

After Use

Please replace the cover to avoid the printer getting too dusty.


  • Probably needs an occasional wipe-down
  • See Canon manual below for other maintenance tasks


Canon Instruction Manual:

Whats going on with the Large format printer ( IPF605 )