Kitchen cabinet hinge guide

(Dale Connolly) #1

@woodtechs @lewisss @Jonty_Bottomley

Anyone know where the 3D printed blue kitchen cabinet hinge guide is?


(Jonty Bottomley) #2

I can’t say as that I knew there was one! Print another?

(Dale Connolly) #3

Wouldn’t know where to start :see_no_evil:

(Jonty Bottomley) #4

Google? :wink:

(Dermot Jones) #5

@fincheee ?

(Martin John Finch) #6

Last time I saw it, it lived above the 3D printer on the shelf where the HiFi is in the clean room. HOWEVER I just ordered one off eBay last week for my own use, which you are welcome to borrow when it gets here. I think the guy on eBay 3D prints them, see the link to the design in his listing:

Designed by RealGaryBall on Thingiverse:

I bought one because I will need to use it at home. I think @lewisss printed the original.


(Dale Connolly) #7

Cheers mate. Mark did indeed print the last one.

I’ve decided to use normal hinges now, so thanks for the offer, but I’m good.

Would be good to find the original regardless. Was a great bit of kit.

(Jonty Bottomley) #8

Given the files are free to download, (Good find Martin (@fincheee)) I’ve just downloaded them, can get them a couple of them printed later this week, given how cheap they are to produce members can borrow and take home if needs be, preferably bringing back but no harm if not.

(Jack Derrick) #9

Hi Jonty,

I could really do with borrowing one!

On a related note I have a kitchen full of cupboard doors (8No.) and draw fronts (11No.) which need to be cut & fitted from Birch ply. Do you or anyone with prior experience want to help - Fully paid obviously!!!



(Jonty Bottomley) #10

Happy to help!

(Jack Derrick) #11

Great, I’ll DM you.