Kids Talking About the Future - Documentary Seeks Interviews with Kids

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Dear Makers,

I’m a new member at South London Makerspace – hopefully I’m posting this in the right section, but someone please let me know if not! :smile:

I’m making a series of short documentaries featuring kids talking about THE FUTURE and TECHNOLOGY, and wanted to share the notice below, in case any members out there know some kids that might want to participate.

If you’d like more information, please get in touch and I can tell you more about the project.


Kids Talking About the Future - Documentary Video Project Seeks Interviews with Children

Documentary Filmmaker (and Herne Hill local) Ron Eyal seeks interviews with children (aged 8-13) on the topics of THE FUTURE and TECHNOLOGY.

Do you have something to say on a tech topic, such as robots, space travel, or artificial intelligence? Do you have a passion for technology or science? Or maybe just a mild curiosity about the future and what’s next?

We are seeking children from a variety of backgrounds, including those that do not have much exposure or perhaps little awareness (or even interest in technology), but that might be up for chatting about the future.

Participants will be interviewed for around 1 hour in South London and would also do a 1 hour photo shoot on a separate day. The interviews will take place on 9th & 10 Dec, and the photo shoot on 16th & 17th Dec.

Please note that a parent / guardian would need to be present at all times while we’re filming.

Participants will be given a small fee to cover travel expenses. The completed films will appear on a prominent website.

Filming interviews on 9th & 10 Dec, and photo shoot on 16th & 17th Dec.
Availability only required on one interview day and one photo shoot day

If you have or know a child that might be interested, or for more information, please contact:
Ron Eyal, Producer via this post.

Hi Ron

How exciting! Sounds like a very interesting and is absolutely relevant right now.

I run a weekly free art club for kids age 5-12 and we would love to work with you.

We constantly plant seeds of what the kids are good at and what they would be good at when they grow up with a focus on Science / Coding / Creative Industries as these are the 3 areas being championed worldwide and offer strong futures for the kids.

We are between venues now, either at POP Brixton or £Brixton Pound both in the heart of Brixton. Our website is woefully maintained due to lack of resources though our Twitter a/c is current and you will find lots of tech groups/agencies/companies I promote.

Please get in touch via / @kidskreate
We’re at £Brixton Pound this Saturday 10.30-12.30 if you would like to pop along to visit.

Thanks Ron, look forward to hearing from you, Jackie.