Key holder

i want to become a key holder so i can stop having to rely on other to get my work done, i was told i need to tag people that know me but i only ty’s name (really bad with remembering names)

if know me please dm your @ so i can become a keyholder as soon as possible and stop having to rely on others to get my shit done

i’ve got orders to get done and most host book the laer machine right away, sooooooo i can’t even book the laser machine

i don’t really know how to use discourse

also if you or any one can host on friday any time after 12 please message me ill literally pay you to host if i need to, have to get these orders done

@Ty_design that’s you tagged here

hi, i recommend paying proffesional service if you have tight deadlines.

erm why would i do that when i’m already paying for this place … is there something you want to tell me petra ?.. because your comment is a bit weird. i do custom work meaning other places can’t do the work i do this is why im paying for this place…soooooo petra is that ok if i use the space im paying for? and not have to pay someone else on top of the money im already paying for the space sooo is this ok with you or have you got anything else you need to explain as to why i use makerspace a space im paying for

Hi Enmanuel, I didn’t mean anything else by that. This is a commonly spread suggestion to people having tight deadlines to avoid stresses, I did not know what are you making. I wish you well.

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The space is more of a hobbyist space and not a commercial area as this puts more stress on the tools and equipment as well as clogs up availability for other members. Commercial spaces will be able to cater your needs and expectations better if you are using the space for business


@enmanuelfj while I understand you may be frustrated, at the Makerspace we are a community that focuses on trust and respect and we have to work together to make sure we keep the space clean, tidy and keep the tools in good working order. The idea of asking for shutter access is also asking if people trust you and know that you will respect the rules, other members, and the tools. If there is some tension or problems between members or around the use of the space it’s advised to work on building relationships and amicably and maturely solving those problems. At a minimum everyone needs to be considerate and respectful towards each other and our different perspectives and experiences.
Your main goal may be just to use the space for your work and that’s it, however you are also expected to contribute to the community too as I’ve already explained. If this wasn’t clear when you signed up I hope it is clear now.

ive used the laser machine maybe 10 times in 2 and a half years so nico am i using the tools too much ?

The ammount of money on the membership it’s ridiculously low compared to a professional workshop, in the latter you may pay for yourseft 30 minutes of work with the same ammount.

If you used the laser for 10 times in the last 2 years you will need to work on your shedule, no one was stopping you in the pre-covid era,
Emergency it’s just another word for something you should had done before.

We are not supposed to use the Space for professional manufacturing, it’s supposed to be against the rule, people are closing an eye but that doesn’t make it a priviledge now.

So be respectful of other’s people and the space.

@emuboy what are you on about i’ve used it 10 times because that how many times i’ve needed it , i’m being told that i shouldn’t use the space for my orders because “it puts more stress on the tools and equipment as well as clogs up availability” so how much stress on tools and availability am i taking up

not supposed use the space for professional manufacturing, but how many people have i seen do this same thing.this is my problem with a lot of you lot its one rule for one person and another rule for others, the closer you are to the click the more you can get away with

so emuboy whose space did i disrespect

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This conversation is going completely off topic. I will have to ask everyone to stop adding to the noise and focus on what’s being asked.
@enmanuelfj, you want shutter access?
Right now people who use the space do so either as hosts, or as members of a host run session.
That means you’d need to be a host or join a session.
As a host there are a list of responsibilities you have, and currently you can only become a host if another host approves it, similar to the shutter access model we have.
If you want to become a host can you please make that clear, or if you need a host for a session tomorrow can you post on the thread for booking sessions?
Right now we are doing our best to get as many people access as possible and be as fair as possible, while being mindful of safety and restrictions related to COVID.


Hi :smiley: I will be in tomorrow from 4pm - 7 pm to host as I dont mind helping out where I can, please can someone reset the door system (many thanks ) Brian D=