Key fob monitor broken (can donate a new one)

(Ed) #1

I registered my key the other night. The monitor seems to be on the way out, in that if you switch it off and on, you get about a second of the image its meant to show before it turns black again. The RPi running it all worked fine.

I’ve got a spare screen kicking around I can donate. Should I just bring it in and do the switch?


(Dermot Jones) #2

Yes please!

And thank you

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Related question: it sounds like the space isn’t accessible when the shutter is down (is that right?). If so any idea what time it is normally open in the morning or is there any way to find out if it’s currently open at any particular time? I’m planning on dropping the monitor off (and installing it) on my way into work since I walk through Herne Hill.

(Dermot Jones) #4

Yes, the Space is only open when occupied by members with keyholder privilege, meaning they can open and close the shutter

You can click the clock at the top of Discount or view events log on membership system – this gives you an idea of whether people are around, but it’s no predictor of how long they’ll stay

But the best way, and what we encourage, is to arrange visits with other members. So just post a message saying when you want to be in the Space and for how long, and see who replies

That said: it’s uncommon for the shutter to be down any evening

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Ah great thanks. Looks like no ones there this morning. If mornings don’t work, I can always come by on the weekend.

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The old monitor is in the 3 week bin. I wasn’t sure where to put it.

(unknowndomain) #7

It was mine, if its broken it can go to WEEE cycling.