Joining South London Makerspace

(Matt Cliffe) #1

Hey Everyone

I visited the Makerspace on Wednesday for an open day and after seeing the incredible workshops and speaking to Brian, I would love to sign up as a member.

Can I sign up as a member now and start paying my monthly direct debit or do I need to wait on a waiting list?

If anyone could help me with this, I would really appreciate it as I’m keen to start using the Makerspace straight away.

I look forward to joining the community and creating some incredible event sets and products.

All the best
Matt Cliffe
Founder of Timeless Event Experiences

(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi Matt,

You’re on the mailing list, and should receive an email over the weekend. This contains a survey: fill that in and you should be able to join after the survey closes

(Matt Cliffe) #3

Great, thanks Dermot. I’ll keep an eye out for the email and complete the survey asap

All the best
Matt Cliffe