Joao from Brazil here, but you can call me Joe. :) Nice e-meeting you all

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Hello, Joe here.
So I’m new here, just quick introduction, I’m from Brazil, I graduated in engineering more precisely Mechanical/Mechatronics engineering, that being said I’ve been away from it, not exercising my profession, since I moved to the UK and I have to say, now that I discovered South London Makerspace, I’m a man on a mission, enjoy life again, so basically I’m looking forward to being around as much as I can.

At the moment I’m focusing on programming and app development to eventually get into the point of merging skills and be comfortable enough to build some projects combining Hardware and mobile Apps (Mainly automation/Crazy inventions). I’ll write my interests as bullet points so if you’re lazy to read through the text just have a look at the interests.

Well as a good Brazilian I’m always happy to help and walk that extra mile, if you might need help with anything that is under my knowledge set, let me know and I’ll be happy to help, although I might not be an expert, I’ll try my best and if anything goes wrong, the answer is 42. Experimenting a bit more with PCB design is under my ambitions for this year, I’ve made some in the past and I’m looking forward to getting back to it, well, last but not least, I want to share my knowledge and help with everything I can, if anything I’m very keen to organising workshops, events, classes, just count on me. Wish you all the best, and look forward to being around.

  • Hardware (Arduino/Raspberry pi)

  • Software (Android/Java/Arduino)

  • Designing (PCB Design/3d Printing/Mechanical Design)

  • Something that I can’t think right now.


Welcome Joe!

Happy to share my (also still fairly limited) knowledge on PCB design, since I’ve been dabbling with that a lot lately, and will spend most of this month experimenting with these babies at the Makerspace:

See you around!

Awesome designs, I really liked how the Woble Garden Secondary Board resembles a Beehive (not sure if it was on purpose but it looks awesome.) when I’m around I want to know a bit more =)

Welcome Joao,

I’d certainly love to pick your brains sometime.

One thing is, I’ve made a basic android app and I’d like to do the same thing on iphones.

Is it possible to install from ‘unknown sources’ on iphones?

I confess I haven’t tried IOS yet, but as far as I know, you can use your device as a test device, and there is a way to deploy apps from the Browser, (Most of the delivery companies such as deliveroo and uber eats, used to do that not sure if they still do though, they did it so you’d have to go to their HQ to install the app and register.) But as Apple is super restrict and concerned about security, I can imagine there will be some limitations. I’m an Apple user myself, but considering to migrate to Pixel phone.