Jewellery bench area

(Lili) #1

Hey peeps,

It’s Lili here and I have recently joined the space. Is anyone interested in setting up a jewellery bench with a shelf tidy and where could we park it? The bench doesn’t need to be very big, it’s only about 1m in width with a cut out half circle for the bench peg. I have no woodworking experience so would need a carpenter member to help me make it.
Let me know if anyone is interested.

(Chanelle) #2

+1 from me. Myself and @esther started to leave some bits in the metal works area. it would be great for a dedicated bench!

(Lili) #3

@Chanelle and Ester - who do we need to talk to set the bench area up?

(Chloe) #4

A folding jewellery bench would be good and easy to stash away. :slight_smile:

(Lili) #5

I don’t think it can be stashed away as it needs to robust and solid. Assembling and dissembling something like this could be very heavy. My suggestion would be to place the bench and use it as multi purpose area supporting other metalworks, with vices and flexishafts on it. I had a look at the metalworks area and seems fit for purpose to hold a small shelf with pickling and soldering equipment - that being the “dirty” part of the work. The rest of the work is fine filing and sawing which could be done by the electronics area.

(Chloe) #6

Ahh. Ok. I thought you might mean something like this, hence why I suggested a folding one.

(Dermot Jones) #7

This needs to be discussed with @metaltechs, if they agree, and there’s space for it within the metalwork area, then it could be added there

Otherwise: we’re always short of space, so new activities need to be agreed and negotiated in advance.

Any solutions that keep down the footprint of the workspace needed, or are multi-use areas will contribute to making this viable

(Lili) #8

I think one would wobble if you were doing some hammering on it

(Gilbert Townshend) #9

Biggest problem with a jewellery setup surely is going to be safety surrounding pickling and torch work? Would that even be allowed within the current safety limits?

Or are you suggesting more cold work rather than silversmithing et. all?

(Pete Hellyer) #10

Would need to be cold work or non gas based heated work.

Compressed (flammable) gas however large or small is not allowed in the space. Any that are there, probably shouldn’t be, or urgently need a risk assessment.

(Calum Nicoll) #11

In short - welcome to use the metalworking benches for making jewelery, not entirely sure what you need/if it’s suitable?

Unfortunately as folk have said we are very tight for space so probably can’t fit anything permanantly to the benches - but if a vice etc would be helpful that can be easy fixed to the metal bench.

I imagine sawing/filing would be better off done on the metal bench as well as it would keep dust etc away from electrics?

Pickling I’m not sure where to do it, am keen to keep strong acids away from a lot of the metalwork kit - possibly could do it on the screenprinting table? I am not too aware of exactly what it entails but have always fancied doing some copper plating of stuff.

Unfortunately we can’t use compressed flaming gas but we have mig and I’d also like to get a tig - would that be helpful?


(Gilbert Townshend) #12

I think I was getting ahead of myself, seems like it’ll all be dry work. No need to worry about corrosives.

(Chanelle) #13

There was a small wooden table bench in the textile area, that I relocated to the metal area. It has space underneath to store jewellery bits such needle files, ring mandrels etc the top could be adjusted like the ones you can purchase from Cookson’s?