Jammed bike lock advice

My bike lock (onguard d lock) has decided to stop working. It’s in almost daily use but has suddenly seized closed which is a bit annoying!

I assume it’s from some combo of cold and corrosion. I’ve not had time to try a lot, but have tried:

  1. dumping some hot water on it to see if it’s better warm
  2. trying to spray some lube into it > I don’t feel that did very much as being closed it didn’t really seem to be getting in there
  3. the spare keys

No joy as of yet and I don’t want to force it and break of the key. Any advice?

Same issue last year. Did the following below and it’s been fine since.

Get some penetrating spray oil. I’ve used WD-40 brand penetrating oil, note it’s not the standard WD-40.

Spray in the keyhole, lock holes etc.

Leave it for 10 mins.

Then get your key in there and give it some welly.

Once you’ve got it opened get some normal WD-40 and soak for a couple of mins then wipe excess off.

Hope that helps.

WD-40 is an anti rust water displacer. Not a lubricant. Great to use to prevent rust but it won’t lubricate. Apply some non-Teflon bike chain lubricant after the wd-40 to get the parts moving

I had same with an Onguard D-lock. WD-40 followed by chain oil worked for me.

Just opened it with an angle grinder

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Thanks all, penetrating oil and some force got it open. Feels pretty f***d but I’ll give it some TLC and see if it can be put back in service