I've got to be honest

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(Jannes Nelissen) #1

… I realy have to be honest: I don’t live in London. I’ve walked past your workshop about 18 months ago.

I just want to ask you a few questions about a CNC plasma cutter. My name is Jannes. I work with a few guys on an open source hardware platform called Go!Commons.

We are currently in the final development of a first commercial and open hardware cnc plasma cutter. We made a form to start documenting the needs and people interested in such a product. Could you take two minutes to fill in the form? It would help us a lot.

Thank you, have a nice day,


(Robin Baumgarten) #2

A CNC plasma cutter sounds cool! Not sure if there’s space enough here for it (let alone money)? I’d be interested for sure to use it, though!

(Also, that’s a terrible title :stuck_out_tongue:)

(Edward Yeboah) #3

10/10 clickbait! Will click again!

Seriously though, seems like an expensive ($$$$$) but interesting project.

(Dermot Jones) #4

Not that expensive when you scroll down the options…maybe if it started with cheaper first it would have hooked you?

Some very interesting aspects of sustainability and open source in there

(Edward Yeboah) #5

I was thinking along the lines of what Robin was saying, if the starting cost is okay then it would be great to have one if we can find the space.