Is it possible to put membership on hold for a while?

@directors I signed up 3/4 months ago and havent really had the chance to come in apart from when I completed the basic woodwork induction

  1. Looks like I may be busy for the next month or so, so I wanted to ask if I can hold my monthly payments until im ready to come back. If so, how would I do that?

  2. I asked this question but couldnt get an answer so since im sending this to admin. I may aswell just ask here. I saw that the centre runs (used to run) woodworking courses. Are u guys planning on doing that anytime soon?


Hi @Shaz92,

There is no real on-hold state, so you just cancel and then let us know when you want to re-join and we have the record that you were a member before. Note that you will keep your woodshop induction (and any others you earned) but will be removed from any induction waiting lists and will need to readd yourself upon returning.

As for courses, we have some listed but actually haven’t gotten them going yet, now that we are in the new woodshop they may start up later in the year.

Hope that helps!