Is a shutter member down either April Wednesday 16 (7pm) or Thursday 17 (7PM) or Saturday 20 (day)?

(Jack Silby) #1

Just checking as planning to visit on one or two of these dates, I wanna build me a box.

Also - I’ve been reading the other thread - is the laser cutter up and running atm?

Cheers! :grinning:

(Beth Slater) #2

I will be down Thur eve to give a lathe induction so you can come then. Probably not great if you are planing on making a lot of loud noise for a long period of time in the woodshop that drowns out conversation though :confused: but normal working with hand tools and and drills/ drivers would be fine and a few cuts on drop saw.

(Petra) #3

Yeah, the lasercutter is up - check if the locking ring holds the lensholder! (Anticlockwise motion for tightening)