Invite to Southbank event, June 21-25

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I’d like to invite @members to a project I’m involved in at Southbank Centre opening Wed 21st, runs for 5 days.

We’re building a print workshop and you can come along for a free one-to-one Monotype printing session, learn how to print and take a print home on lovely Japanese hosho paper.

Event details are here

I’ll be there for the duration, come by and say hello.

Looking ahead, if there’s members demand, and a small materials budget ( @directors ?) happy to bring the press to the space and organise a woodcut, monotype, linocut printing evening/day at the space over the summer?


Looks like a great project Af! Will try to make it down.

Excellent offer, if members are interested we can probably find some budget for it.

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Sounds amazing. Would be very up for a printing day in the space!

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It’s a wall by /drop in sessions, each 30min, on the hour and every half half hour.

But if you let me know which day/time you want to come I can reserve you guys a spot.

How’s it going Af?

Also: any tweets/social media stuff you’d like us to share?

It’s going very well, a bit crazy, but in a good way. Let me know if you can make it down, will reserve you a spot. btw met your mate Chuck today!

Thanks for helping to spread the word! I’m on twitter as @afshindehkordi and our funder is @wellcometrust

Here’s a link to project page:

Chuck was mightily impressed – and he’s a printer of long experience. He asked to to come over to CARAS I believe?

Will try to make it along on Sunday (time before then seems to have been filled already). I imagine you’re going to be very busy indeed over the weekend?

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Looks like a cool project!

How is it going working with Welcome Trust? A friend of mine had a really good experience with them couple of years ago, some sort of residency, etc. I’ll try to stop by on Sunday morning.

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Sounds great! If I understand, it’s a first-come-first-served event every half hour from noon? Will definitely aim to get there at some point of the weekend!

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Great! If you guys let me know what time I can slresrrve you a spot. It’s every 30min 12, 12.30 etc

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