Introduction from me

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I’ve been invited and just signed up as a member. I came to an open evening last week and was very impressed with the kit, atmosphere and how well it was organised. I am an active hobbyist and build mostly woodwork and metalwork stuff. Woodwork I enjoy making basic things for around the house, most recently an oak clothes rail for my daughter. Metalwork I enjoy TIG although I have a long way to go to make acceptable welds.

I’ve joined principally to get a feel for the kit and learn laser and cnc cutting and see what that opens up for me and my proj. Electronics would be cool too.

My current project is a stainless steel set of shelves which I want to polish - so will chat about that in another forum.



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Welcome Tom!

There are loads of cool tools to learn that open up a lot of possibilites - Laser and CNC are great, you will really enjoy them!

See you soon,

Hey Tom,

Welcome aboard. It sounds like there’s going to be plenty to keep you occupied. There is a regular electronics night every Thursday if you are interested.

I’ve been learning about laser cutting and CNC myself. Make sure you get yourself on one of the inductions. :slight_smile:


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