Interesting package

Just got this from China.

Does anyone have any idea what it means, before I start trawling through EU legislation?

It’s probably a “teninted material”, coming from a country know for sourcing particular materials using war or slavery as a meaning of profit.

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The item is pictured if you can guess what it is?

I’ve had it on a package before. Previously it was only a non-standard angle grinder thread adaptor made out of steel

I’m assuming Neodymium magnets?

I think so. Do they come from a dodgy mine?

It’s uk customs chucking a kiddy strop. It means they come from outside the eu, should have extra charges added due to the contents but are below the uk threshold so they can’t…




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I wish they’d warned me beforehand. I can’t currently remember why I ordered them apart from I’m intrigued by magnets, they’re tiny, strong and cheap.

Aren’t they in magnetic hard disks, etc?

That’s what’s nice about ordering things from China: by the time you get them, you’ve forgotten why you bought them, and it’s a surprise! Make sure you always have a few things in the pipeline…