Inspiring stories from the Pandemic - let's share them here

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From reduced pollution, to local support for vulnerable groups to medical hackathons…let’s gather together the things we might want to keep when this has all blown over

A starter is an inspirational story of tiny Taiwan’s response to the coronavirus…from facemask stock apps to anonymous self checking of viral hotspots with tonnes of hacking and consensual decision making along the way…

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I thought this was great:


I can hear the birds and bees.

I saw a sparrow for the first time in years.

The sun is shining and the weather is great for vegetation and solar panels.

People are generally a lot nicer to each other.

People are more concerned about the basic necessities of life, like loo roll, than the latest ipone and other selfish things and activities.

Air and plane travel has reduced to more sustainable levels.

There’s been a huge increase in home education.

The air in London is now more breathable and much less like a toxic soup.