Inkscape 1.0 released!

16 years in development, version 1 is out now (plus a version for Mac!)

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Any feedback? Is it comparable to Illustrator?

It was always comparable to Illustrator. A very powerful piece of open software. Invaluable for those of us never likely to buy an illustrator license

Now…if we can get it to play nicely with the Trotec many of us will be happy (using Illustrator as a print driver is a PITA!)


Oh nice! I’m going to install it now!

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Visible Hairlines Display Mode

This new display mode is available in the menu under View → Display Mode → Visible Hairlines . It ensures that all lines of nonzero width are visible (with a minimum visible line width), regardless of zoom level, while still drawing everything else normally.

This is especially useful if you need to assign very small line widths for use with CNC machines like laser cutters and vinyl cutters which use hairlines to denote cut lines. In that case, you will still be able to see the lines, even when zoomed out.

All the new features:


has anyone tried it with the laser cutter? does it have scaling issues?

Not yet…wanted to see about parallel installation…but I guess easy enough to uninstall the old and reinstall later if new one doesn’t work

One quirk: make a shape with hairlines, clone it…and the clone doesn’t seem to obey the visible hairlines rule…

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You can have both versions installed

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