Inductions "are confusing"

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So while we’re discussing the process of booking rooms, general user flow etc, I thought I’d add one about inductions (sorry if this topic has already started somewhere else).

The problems I find with the current system are that:

  1. As a new user, I don’t have a list of things I’d like to get inducted to.
  2. As a director/host, it is tedious to ensure that people booking rooms have received the relevant inductions (unless there is a system in place that I don’t know about)
  3. As a member advocate, it is difficult to ensure that when people are adding their name to the wait list, that they are doing so to the right list.

In order to remedy the above, I propose the following:

  1. Have one thread for each induction called the “master” or some such. All masters could have links to the other master lists so that it would be easy to get to the laser induction waiting list from the woodworking master list.
  2. New members could (receive an email | have a notification in the website | fill out a webform | whatevs) that would take them to this list of inductions so they could write their names. This would also add them to those communities on Discourse so that right away they could start talking to people that share their interests.
  3. Instructors could pull from the master list and create a dated subset (this part seems to be working great already). Instructors could also make sure no one is adding their name to the dated post, but that they do so in the master list. A link to the master list could be included.
    1. For sessions that have prior requirements, like the wood general induction being required for the wood lathe one, that master list could be linked too.
  4. After members attend an induction, their profile could be edited to include a badge proving their attendance. This would make it easy to ensure that people are certified for the tools they are trying to use.
  5. Lastly, a location where all of the induction texts (that are copypasted into new threads). This would make it easy to make sweeping changes to all of these texts at the same time (cough cough plan b anyone?).

What do you all think?