Induction video

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missing tags for 3d printer, wood and metal lathe (please copy in)

Hi Tech teams,
the @video team would like to introduce ourselves to all the tech areas.
If you think it would be beneficial for your department to have video inductions, we’re the team to get this done for you.
Some departments already started this and - among other advantages - it seems to speed up the induction process. If that’s something you’re after, please let us know.
We would like to discuss with you what’s needed and we’ll then come up with a plan, script, timeframe…
and of course a lovely video at the end of it.

Over to you!
the video production team


Sounds interesting! Totally happy for that !

I think just @3dtechs and @lathetechs are left

Two years ago I and @Jonathan made videos for laser. Maybe putting a voice over that be sufficient with some addition of Ruby.

And - yes for wood lathe!

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where can we locate those videos?

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@Jonathan has them. We shot on GoPros.

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Thank You! Fantastic idea!

The new embroidery sewing machine seems like an ideal project for an intro video. We just need to work out how it works ourselves yet!!


Hi Tracy,
how is the embroidery getting along?
Shall we get together and discuss how and when we could make a tutorial video for this?
When would be good for you?



That would be great. I’ll be around this weekend - was planning on going to the space anyway for a bit of sewing as my home machine has packed up! You free at all - perhaps Saturday morning? (but can do other times too)

I got visitors this weekend, when are you in next time?

Hi Clem - I’m going to be at the space all morning tomorrow. I have bit I need to do but could easily have a chat. I’m not available this weekend but then I’m free most of the time if you want to think some time/dates.

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Excellent, I’ll come around tomorrow (Thursday).

@video : join in too, if you’re free.


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Woodtechs are looking at starting setting up video inductions. I think the process is we make the raw video and pass it to you.

what is it you need from us in terms of format/quality? What notes do you need from the videos for what matters or is this organic so we will need to work it out together?

Do you need to be involved in the planning phase or only once there is footage to work from?

I heard mention that you might already have footage from Joe for the basic induction. Do you? is it useable if you do?

Hi Steven,
yes, team video would like to make your project as easy as possible for this.
There are some videos online on youtube, but I believe all raw footage has been deleted. So those vids from Joe are surely helpful and don’t need to be done again, but as for inductions, it’s probably helpful to start from scratch.

You can shoot on your own, but @video will happily get involved in that part of the process as well, if you think that’s easier.
Most important is that every spoken word - live during the recording, or afterwards as voice over - is clear of noise and good to understand. We have some equipment at the ready for this.
Video format isn’t that important, but it should be HD, 16:9 (no phone held upright) and preferable at 25 Frames/sec.

Do you want to meet up to discuss details and how to get started?
When would be good for you?


I had reached out luke but he couldn’t find it. Thread here.

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I’m free most days until 2pm, though I can work something in if that doesn’t match your availability.

I have all the raw video shot with @joeatkin2 for the basic woodwork induction. PM me.

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