Implementing a Project Management tool

I’ve been researching online project management tools that we could use to better manage our many tasks and projects. I’m keen that we try out a tool for a few months, and see how we get on with the whole concept - it might be a roaring success, or we might learn some valuable lessons that help us pick a different tool/approach.

I’ve delved into 3 popular tools with “free forever” plans - and selected ClickUp as the best of the bunch (thanks to @laurent_muchacho for the original recommendation). The free version has no limit on users or tasks, has plenty of flexibility in how projects are structured, and manages sub-tasks and dependencies nicely. If you’re interested in the full rationale, please see my notes below.

2 questions to all members:

  • Is anyone opposed to trying ClickUp? Open to other suggestions, but also keen to move forwards with a trial.
  • Any experienced Project Managers (or those keen to learn!) who’d like to help set up/manage a PM tool over the next few months?

Looking forward to hearing from you - feel free to reply to this post or DM me/the Directors.

For reference, my full notes:


  • SLMS has begun a major project - Arch 1130
  • SLMS regularly has small-to-medium projects - eg. events, infrastructure (tool control, new website), introduction of a new type of making, etc.
  • SLMS has a number of regular or semi-regular tasks that need to be completed - eg. inductions, tool maintenance, meetings, reporting, etc.
  • Currently, SLMS is not using any tool other than Discourse to manage projects


  • Discourse is a forum tool not a project management tool - as such, it is not practical to manage tasks
  • Both members and Directors have expressed frustration with the the difficulty of monitoring the status of tasks and issues
  • Both members and Directors would like to make it easier for members to identify tasks they can help with, and track which members are involved in a task

Suggested solution

  • Implement a project management tool


  • Accessible to all members (preferably with some permissions control)
  • Free or very low-cost
  • Easy to use for those updating - should save more time than it consumes
  • Easy visibility of progress on projects/tasks
  • Ability to group tasks into related groups
  • Ability to split large tasks into smaller sub-tasks
  • Flexible/able to adjust to meet the changing needs of SLMS

Tools explored

1. Trello


  • Very easy to use
  • Free-forever version
  • Very large number of optional “PowerUps” (optional modules to add additional functionality)


  • No ability to create sub-tasks - multiple ‘boards’ can be created, each with a separate list of tasks
  • Free plan only allows one PowerUp per board
  • Free plan only allow up to 10 boards

Too simple for the moderately complex needs of SLMS.

2. ClickUp


  • Free-forever version - which includes full usage of almost all features
  • Ability to create sub-tasks
  • Flexible interface which can be customised to a good extent
  • Effective Gantt-chart as well as Kanban-board views
    • Gantt charts are only a 2-week free trial. Alas.
  • Recurring tasks built-in as standard
  • Recommended by a member - Laurent


  • Not the simplest user interface

Excellent range of features, under ongoing development. Slightly more of a learning curve than is ideal.

3. Zoho Projects


  • Easy to use


  • Limited functionality in the free version - including cap of 5 users
  • Paid version unaffordable

Limit of 5 users is not sufficient, and the paid version is unaffordable.


  • Trial ClickUp for 3 months:
    • Use for Arch 1130 project
    • Use for Tool Control rollout (if not completed already!)
    • Use for tracking miscellaneous “todo” tasks around the space
  • Invite members with experience of Project Management to help set-up and manage the tool
  • Review after 3 months and decide whether to fully implement ClickUp, try a different solution, or abandon the project

Next Steps

  • Create SLMS ClickUp account (using Directors email address)
  • Invite members to join a PM team (Discourse post)
  • Directors and PM team members to set up initial structure and populate with some initial tasks
  • Directors and PM team members to prepare some basic documentation/how-to steps for other members
  • Invite a group of members to access and give feedback - make any necessary tweaks/adjustments
  • Invite all members to have access (can be done in bulk by uploading email addresses as a CSV)

Cool, good effort! I will use whatever is settled upon, can put the CNC project in as a trial / test…


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Strongly in favour of this. Visibility for those not involved in work, clarity for those waiting for delivery to start their own work packages, accountability for those working on things.