I'm Panja interested in prosthetics, electronics, wearables

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(Panja Göbel) #1

I’m Panja, currently studying part-time for an MA in Computational Art at Goldsmiths. Last year I made a computational prosthetic that was sending the user’s movement data to a computer vision app.
You can take a look here:

This year I’m looking to explore a series of networked body prosthetics. For this I’m interested in anyone that works with the body and electronics and prosthetics. I already met Brian and talked about silicon and latex which I’m also interested in.


(unknowndomain) #2

Also little known fact is that Panja’s work in the early days of Brixton Tinkerspace is why we have the cool logo we now have.

(Panja Göbel) #3

ahh thanks! it was a conceptional start of the now great logo that you have created.

(Gilbert Townshend) #5

Looks great! Any chance you’ll come to the space and let us have a look at it?

(Dermot Jones) #6

Hi Panja,

Welcome to Makerspace!

@Dani_Clode does some work in this area

Hope to see you in the Space soon

P.S. make sure to link your membership account with your Discourse account – if you haven’t already done so

(Panja Göbel) #7

sure! I can bring in the leather prosthetic that includes a flora board and accelerometer/gyroscope… wednesdays are quite good for me

(Panja Göbel) #8

Hi Dermot,
I’m still trying to figure out this platform…not sure on how to connect stuff nor how to talk to people? I met @petra yesterday and we wanted to work out when is a good time for the laser cutter induction. Is there a private chat area or do I need to set up a thread for this?

(Dermot Jones) #9

You should be able to message Petra now, although as you’ve alerted her she might appear here

Generally inductions have waiting lists, except for the laser cutter. It’s totally acceptable to start a thread asking for inductions to happen!

(mark broughton) #10

yes lets talk
look what they did to me i am more ot less walking again after nearly two years i am with bowley close phisio in crystal palace they were talking about an upgrade for me yith a knee that that bends and responds to pressure

(Dani Clode) #11

Hey Panja! Sorry, I’ve only just noticed being tagged in this thread. Our work has some interesting cross-over, maybe we could catch up in the space sometime and have a chat. https://www.daniclodedesign.com/

(Panja Göbel) #12

Hi Dani! Yes indeed, we should. When is good for you? I’m off to Germany next week but could meet week beginning Jan 21. My best days are Mon or Tue but could also could do Thursday afternoon…or Wednesday evening. Let me know what works for you?