I'm Jim and and always busy

I 'm an active septuagenarian engineer and love having projects. My other love is designing and producing items . I run my own E-commerce business which provides my pension in the absence of other income streams. My skills started as an apprentice and I use them still however my workshop has reached its potential so I see a need to branch out, meet other people and do other projects.


Welcome Jim,

Hopefully the space will give you more headroom for your new projects!

Hi Jim,

Welcome to our community! I’m sure you’ll just right in!

If you’d like to, please share some of the projects your working on! There will be an Open Evening Wednesday week, 23rd August from 7pm to 9pm. Feel free to come for a tour of the Makerspace and a chat!

See you at the Makerspace,

Hey, what projects do you work on at the moment? Would be curious to see what you make.

I’m at the design stage for an assembly that will involve laser cutting thin (1.2mm) and bending steel sheet. The laser is intended to cut out tabs that are bent up to be vertical. These will act as anchors for axles on which components have some limited radial movement.
Two of the components are plastic with one being required to be made by 3D printing. It is approx 1" cubed.
The other is a cover/shell which I guess is best made by vacuum forming 2mm thick plastic. and is about 3"x 2,5" x 2.5"

So, three different processes one of which will involve CAD work which I want to contract out.

The other project is making bird nest boxes for nuthatches and long tailed tits.