I'm finally going to cut some stuff

Does anyone have a recommendation for a laser compatible acrylic supplier?

All cast acrylic is “laser compatible” so you can just go by price.

I order acrylic for use in a secondary school. We order form;

Trylon; www.trylon.co.uk
Technology Supplies; www.technologysupplies.co.uk
K&M; (e-mail but no website!) order@km-wholesalesupplies.co.uk 0114 247 4733
Seawhite of Brighton; www.seawhite.co.uk/

Educational suppliers;
Specialists crafts; http://www.specialistcrafts.co.uk/
may also be useful but you would need to check their conditions for order/delivery charges etc.

Abplas http://ablaser.co.uk/ in South Wimbledon (33 Abbey Parade, London SW19 1DG
020 8540 3105) have a retail counter and may sell you acrylic sheet. They are also fabricators, traditionally working more in alternative glazing and POS merchandisers but I think they are moving into fabricating on colour acrylic too so may have stocks that they will retail.

Good luck!


Great! Thanks @robinT

I’m intending to visit Hamar Acrylic in East London sometime soon. I’m told they have ‘offcuts’ up to A3 in 3mm and A4 in 6mm for a pound a piece.

Life’s got in the way a bit recently I’m afraid.

This is all very useful. Another more technical question. What would be the kind of maximum thickness our machine might be able to cut? Presumably thicker material = slower cut speed? but presumably there’s a limit for laser focusing and whatnot?

This page
Laser Cutter - Trotec Speedy 300 says 12mm but I personally haven’t cut anything that thick yet

Yep, 12mm in theory, limited by the focus of our lens. Danger is that you need to go so slow that it starts a fire. Careful experimentation welcome!