I'm David, nice to meet you!

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Hey everyone,
I’m David, I visited the Maker Space Festival over the weekend and it made the decision to become a member an easy one. Was great to meet so many nice people and the potential that all those lovely machines offer is exciting! I’m looking forward to getting inducted on many of them and I think I have some knowledge that will mean I’ll be able to do the same for others in the future.

My profession is developing apps for iPhones, but I have many maker interests including CNC milling, 3d printing, sewing and electronics to name a few.

Hope to see you all around the space!


Hi David,

Welcome to our community! I’m sure you won’t regret your decision! You should have received an invite in your inbox by now.

See you soon at the Makerspace,

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Hi David,

Welcome to the Makerspace.


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