If anyone's interested in the metal lathe, mill, and welder I've a complex piece to make for the Spindle Moulder

Can show one or two people around the various bits of equipment and offer some hands on experience under supervision…

Might make a start now and will be here til shortly after 8pm if anyone fancied popping by.

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I could drop in tomorrow morning to help with the lathe bits if you already have the stock?

There’s not a whole lot to do, just need to make what are effectively two thick walled pipes, bore and tap a whole on oneside of each, mill the other side flat, and weld the flat sections together.

The turning will likely be finished this evening, perhaps the whole thing.

I’ll keep you posted, might not be a bad thing to have a spare regardless as the originals are cast and not the best castings at that hence the need of a replacement.

Yes! I have been MIG welding this summer and want to get up to speed on SLMS setup as well as the lathe- I will come by and lend a hand, probably a little before 9, so save some work for me :slight_smile:

I’ve actually got to scoot today shortly after 8 for a dinner date… Might swing by afterwards, I’ll keep you posted.

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Cool no worries! I will be lasering anyways!

Not going to make it back today. Might continue tomorrow or if you’re keen I can wait, there’s no immediate rush.

i said id like to do it

Me too, but I’m out of town for the weekend, can we do it Monday evening?

I’m occupied Monday evening, but possibly free late evening - 10/11 for an hour or two.

I’ve done a fair bit of manual and CNC lathe / mill work ages ago, but i’d love to get some weld experience

Count me in

Many thx for the offer :slightly_smiling_face: as discussed before got a little project that we could use as support. Oh I’m only back on the 15