Ideas for a stump that I picked up an the way home

Hello fellow makers!

On my walk home I came across some pieces of a tree being thrown out and figured, I’m sure u can do something with that.

I believe I have to wait for it to dry a bit more, but any ideas are welcome.


That would make a lovely pair of chopsticks? Maybe too much waste but you said any ideas are welcome :wink:


Haha, love it!! Maybe I put it on the lathe and just make a single one?


Or even with a bit of clever planning an entire chess set on the lathe? I’d love to do that one day with exactly a lump of wood like that and by the end probably quite good on the lathe too?

Maybe the white pieces and then some other lump for the other half?

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I’ve only had a few thoughts so far, I could rip it down and try to use the Thicknesser planner to turn it into useable wood, or maybe go for a resin pour riven table top

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I see round stuff that looks like bits of tree and my imagination goes to the lathe (if I could use one) but yes, also sounds good :slight_smile:

I mean, I too see it being a lathe project, I could made a wooden mushroom for the garden. I’de go get the other two lumps that were next to it but I’m going to be honest, getting this home was not my idea of fun

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No pain, no gain! If you’re not willing to suffer for your art and carry logs on the bus and train then are you truly committed to it? lol :wink:


I’ve done one, and I still have to get it to the makerspace

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At least logs roll? old-skool transport?


Th worlds smallest coffee table? :grinning:


espresso perhaps :wink:

literally a tiny table for a single espresso cup to put on a side table, i can see it, perfect! lol :rofl:

Sorry, we’re polluting your serious request for suggestions for ideas with this nonsense, oops :wink:

I just never really thought of a coffee table as a table for a single cup of coffee , like a coaster but I do now… :slight_smile:


I’m not going to complain about to creative process!!

I’m no even sure if I should spin it, cut it length wise, or height, or into useable lumber.

Just leave it a bit and get to know it and then think and only then take tools to it? :wink:

Think forever, measure a few times, cut once! yeah? :wink:

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Or whatever… plenty of logs in the forest?

Never been too good on philosophy but there go, thems the options, no? :rofl:

Now you just need to get a T anvil drull a hole in the middle and hammer the anvil in it!


@smjmaker you talked me into it with your proverbs