I was having an interview and they asked me about the SLMS

(Andrea Campanella) #1

Some of you know that I’ve been recently made redundant form my brand new job, one can’t be lucky on everything…

Anyway, I went for an interview. I wrote my CV like I talk about myself, full of technical stuff I like. The SLMS and the electronics night were mentioned and all four of the people who interviewed (one after the other) me asked me “What is the South London Makerspace? Sounds interesting!”, I felt so proud :slight_smile:

I learned many years ago that including your passions or hobbies in your CV make a huge difference, sometimes it’s a good way to distinguish yourself from the sea of candidates.

(Paul Court) #2

When I interview people I always look for people who demonstrate a bit of independent thinking and who have decent interests outside of work. Any volunteering or charity work gets top points as shows both…

Good luck !