I made a maple Paduk mallet

Thanks to the help of a few members, I made Hammer 001

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Well that sure came out nice! Any progress pics to share?

Here’s what I’ve got, if anyone wants a hand building their own mallet, i’de be happy to help or run a tutorial ect.


Where did you obtain your stock from ? They look like well finished boards and the paduak seems a reasonable price (if that was what you paid for it in the chalk marking).

I got the paduk from https://www.woodwiseuk.co.uk/
And the maple from http://www.chilterntimber.co.uk/

I finished them in the space using the Thicknesser planer


Thanks 2 new suppliers to me - will add them to my resource list !!

I drove out to Chilterns a while ago, great guys good to go out and talk to.

Wood wise ship for £8 so not too bad either

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Always the possibility of co-ordinating an order with others; good to get feedback on customer service and product quality from a new company.


That’s one fiiiiiine mallet :slight_smile: it came out amazing, love the contrast between the wood

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Beautiful! If you do a tutorial I’d be very keen.

More than happy to do one when the woodshop is open again after moving! However due to gluing time it would need to be a two sessions event, second in much quicker (just cutting, attaching the handle, and a whole lot of Sanding)

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Nice job Paul. It looks great.


Looks great! I assume you rounded the handle by sanding? How do you get it symmetrical like that?

Table Router and sandpaper, really happy how it came out… Symmetrical, just lucky I guess :joy:


My guess would be with a router and stop block to stop the roundover at a set point. Also looks like slight scorch marks at the top of the handle which the router bit would have caused if it was held there too long possibly on a table ?
Just typing this and you answered !


That is correct, let’s of Sanding to remove the scorching

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