I hope it wasn't a project

When I opened up this morning, it looked like Sulley from Monsters, Inc. had taken a leak in the clean room… :laughing:

Hope, nobody will be offended I mopped it up, in case it was supposed to be there.

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Just a wild guess, I think that’s from the new ferrous CNC equipment @davidN loaned to us. I think the blue liquid is from the plastic air-freshener lookalike thing that goes with it that usually falls over and leaks, I forgot its purpose.

:joy:. @danielbenton is right, not a project… It’s a dehumidifier which kept the mill from going rusty in its previous home. No need for it now, should have binned it a long time ago. Apologies you had to clear up after it!


Exactly, I gave it a nice new “home”.