I have a new (kind of) sewing machine!

I inherited this beauty from my nan, and I finally have the courage to turn it on and learn how to use it - first project will be to sew some masks for the Makerspace :slight_smile:
I can’t believe how snazzy it is! I have never had a digital sewing machine before…
If anyone has any tips or knows the model that would be great! I like video tutorials but I’m currently going through the manual.


Looks great! What are the fancy things it can do?

Slight tangent - I inherited a sewing machine from my mum, and I recently had to fix it, as the hook gear under the bobbin had broken teeth. Turns out it is quite a common problem and it was easy to get a replacement part, even though the machine must be nearly 50 years old now. (Singer.)
The great thing about it is how solidly it’s built and how easy it is to open up to repair. It’s designed with end user maintenance and repair in mind. Thumbscrews, or screws designed for coins instead of screwdrivers. Very clear, detailed manual. Amazing. Big shout out for Right to Repair!


I have no idea yet! I got distracted by other things yesterday so I aim to explore today :smile: I’ll keep people posted :grin:

Nice to hear you had a good experience fixing yours! I have a very cheap model from John Lewis which works great for thinner fabric but I managed to break something when I tried to use some thick fabric. It’s probably salvageable even though it is such a cheap one! Although they’ve discontinued it now


I went off and I tried to find if anyone managed to make any kind of Hack for the sawing machine.

Apparently, googling “Passport 2.0 hack” bring results I didn’t expect.

If the border force knock at the door, I’m not in.


:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: oh wow!
Guard this machine! Theses are worth their weight in gold! :grinning:

In all seriousness, I have a previous model! It is almost 50 years old but still cost me £150.

The new ones are all fancy and do lots of stuff. I would start with the basics like straight and zigzag, bobbin winding and stuff.
It probably won’t need any maintenance before you start.
And make yourself familiar with how to load the bobbin then get the threads in the right position they can be a bit different then other machines.

Here is quite a helpful video:


This is so cool thanks @Julia_F ! I didn’t realise that side tab was a handy ‘cheat sheet’ reference for all the stitches! Can’t wait to get using it later!

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How exciting, looks great

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