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Apparently you can already buy cars that don’t need to run on fossil fuels…hahahahhahhahha…crazy…some one even said they hold all the top speed records and are cheaper to run and maintain than dirty vehicles…that’ll be the day…

Apparently some one has already crossed the English Channel in an electric aeroplane…hahahhahahh…likely story…

And now they are saying that soon (2021) people will travel between cities in tubes at the speed of a plain! hahahhaha…

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Transport geek alert

Musk is off his rocker with this one. Conventional high speed rail is the way forward: it’s proven tech, reliable, fast, efficient, and doesn’t involve long distance tunnelling (difficult at best, and expensive) or near-vacuum pressure.
His “The Loop” concept demonstrates he also doesn’t understand tunnelling, or urban transport networks. London Reconnections has a number of excellent articles laughing at his concepts (for example - the proposal for the Baltimore-DC loop would have a daily capacity of a thousand people, per direction, per day.
A full Victoria Line train can carry 1000 people. There are 36 per hour.

That said it’s a super exciting time to be in transport. The really fun stuff (in terms of planning) is about chucking cars out of spaces, particularly smaller towns. A couple of case studies I’ve read from Spain saw huge improvements to quality of life in the town centres, together with booms in local independent businesses thanks to increased foot traffic.

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It’s even easier to explain why this won’t work…

Imagine a 1,000 mile long tube under almost complete vacuum, all you’d have to do is cause a small fault in the pipe anywhere along it’s length to cause a complete failure of the system that would create a devastating re-pressurisation of the tube that would kill everyone when their trains suddenly hit a wall of air and are experience massive g-forces, while also destroy the entire system.

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I’m sorry but let play devil advocate here.

When Elon proposed space X reusable rocket renown astronaut (Neil Armstrong) and scientists spoke person ( Neil deGrasse Tyson) expressed their biased opinion in how this would not work. You would have believed them as you thought those naysayers knew what they were talking about. Funny how wrong this opinions were wrong. Especially when space X now as paced the path for viable privatised space travel. If you doubt this check spacex schedule for 2019 who will be launching more rocket than all other agency and country all combine.

Tesla is a grandiose idea, really would you says this had been done before and killed so successful but it succeeded so well that a great percentage of non Tesla electric cars use Tesla engine under the hood and often this is ignored. So yes his original estimate have not been met to publicly take Tesla to meet there target or objective but his vision was accomplished in changing an industry that refused to change.

Should we forget PayPal who transformed online transaction model that so many followed on and changed the way internet business is being conducted.

So in the end let me be blunt it’s easy to criticize what we have little knowledge about based on biased opinion about things we think we understand as it’s much harder to believe something that hadn’t been done before. What make successful people successful is there ability to be resilient to failure in the prospect of succeeding in accomplishing their vision.

I’m not here for a debate but as stated just play devil advocate because as far as I know none of you have done anything as impossible as Elon accomplished so far.

On that note have a great night

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Great points!

I think Elon’s a great example of someone who looks for solutions not problems…

…or you could say, looks for the worlds biggest problems and then applies himself to come up with solutions for them.

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Respectfully, I think you’re comparing apples and oranges.

Yes, his companies did great things, and I think took on both space flight and electric cars in interesting ways. But both those things had their adherents within the industry: people have been advocating for programmes like SpaceX and a move towards electric vehicles for a number of years, Musk was just one of those willing to address the problem in a new way (in space terms it’s worth noting that Bezos is doing it too, and in electric vehicle terms Musk had a first mover/new starter advantage in that he was trying to steal conventional car market share rather than edging out his own market share the way a conventional car company would). Nobody - and I mean nobody, not a single transport engineer I have met - is enthusiastic about the Loop or Hyperloop.

Moreover, both those things were problems without current solutions. This is a problem which has a solution. The solution is socialised mass transport, and high speed rail, and moving away from personal vehicles in urban environments). This is not a technical question, it’s an ideological one.

You can fund the Loop, or you can build conventional HS rail at a fraction of the cost, and fund multiple projects at once.

I give credit to Musk for his acheivements. But he’s talking out of his arse when it comes to mass transit.

(Source, FWIW - chartered engineer working in public transportation and rail)

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I wish we had Elon Musk doing tool control :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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Btw , Neil Armstrong it’s a soldier , it doesn’t have any scientific background.

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Lol btw Neil Armstrong finished his career as professor of aeronautical engineering so yes he started in the military as pilot. I can find if it was ever called a scientist and neither did I if you read the post.