i’m luke, originally from the u.s. and now mainly in blackheath.
i’m interested mainly in physical computing and metal fabrication. top of list: making a new version of my garden monitor and racks for my bike. if others can teach me enough about pattern-making, i’d love to make my own backpack and pants (can do basic sewing now but no idea how to tackle patterns)
i can help with:
-bicycles: obsessed and pretty good at fixing them.
-welding: mig for years. if it’s steel and 2mm+ thick, i can stick it together for you:)
-hardware startup stuff: i’ve done a couple and used to work for y combinator helping others.
excited to meet you all!

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Welcome Luke!

We definitely need more metalworkers! If you are keen to help with mig that would be awesome, I have written the induction up, but currently no one is giving them, let me know when you are around and maybe we can talk through it!

Also we did a successful bike maintenance night a bit ago - would be good to get another one going and I am sure your experience would be very helpful! Any days/nights that would work best for you to join?



great. i’ll be around saturday; let’s meet up then!

Hi Luke! Welcome on board!

You’re in the place here for sewing patterns :grinning:

We have a group planning some pattern workshops

We also have a textiles Meetup every second week. The next one is this coming Tuesday. Check out the calendar!

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sorry i missed Saturday; sounds like it went really well! anyone around late this afternoon to set me up with access?

Hi Luke - a bunch of people will be in from 7pm:

add yourself to this Space Booking if you can come:

I will be in like 9:30… would love to chat about metal / bikes if you are around that late…


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