How to work out if the space is open


Can anyone please point me to the place online where I can see if the shutter has been opened/closed and then if someone has gone in using their tag? You can kind of workout if someone has opened the space this way, I think I saw it once…


The tiny clock symbol on the top right.

Also, I just opened the space if you’re thinking of coming today.


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Whilst we’re talking about this, any chance of changing the listing order at the next update?
So latest uses are at the top, getting rid of the scroll to the bottom requirement?

It’s a clever hack of the forum system, which might be hard-coded to be in chronological order.

If there’s no massive objection, I think it would be fairly easy (given the combined technical knowledge of members) to create a separate website and/or app linked to a detection device (eg. power or light) which would automatically give a strong or fairly definite indication as to whether the space is open or not.

I’m happy to lead a team to achieve this goal.

Thanks everyone, I can now see it on mobile (but not desktop) which is good enough.

Hi @RobertL,

I’d be interested to have a chat about this. I’d be interested in solving the problem of people who are remote working out if the space is open or not in the simplest way possible. Are you about this week at all?


Tomorrow, Wednesday I’m hosting the open evening. And I can probably be there at other times.

By the way, the access log on everyone’s member page (not discourse) still shows the current door-bot stats:

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@RobertL there is also a feature built into the membership system for tracking if the door is open but someone needs to install the device, I left it with Mark about a year ago.

Should be here:

There is an API end point that has to receive a message from a magnetic sensor on the shutter to detect if the shutter is open or closed.

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Does this still work?
It doesn’t seem to be working to me. Doesn’t show anything since May '21.

Is there another way to see if the shutter is open?



Hi Peter,

Have you seen the calendar section? You can see if people are in in there. Its the button right next to the clock.



No it has been broken since May 21 :frowning:

Since then we have introduced Space Bookings - where shutter access people should be notifying they will be there and the space will be open:

The main calendar has these bookings plus public events:

Use either to see when it will be open!

That’s what I said.


Yes - sorry I like to repeat - well I wanted to put the links in!

Thanks, guys. Very helpful. Cheers.

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