How do you get started

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I have completed al forms and added myself to the forum but waiting on a start date. Was just wondering when this could be or how do I pay my membership so I can get started.

thanks in advance.


Hi Jamie! Welcome!

I think the best way if you’ll come to the open evening. I’ve got the same situation and hope that on tonight’s open evening I’ll be able to clarify this!

unfortunately I can not come to the open evening tonight but if you go. Please may you write back to me and let me know what was said.Hope that is ok.


Long story short, Open Evening is something you want to attend :wink:

Hi Jamie. I am a member of the welcome team.
If you have never been to the space, a visit is quite useful.
Apart from the open evenings, some members are happy to show people around at other times.
I’ll be there from 10 to 4 tomorrow, and probably again on Saturday morning.
You should message me if you are going to come, so that I can make sure my plans don’t change.

If you are wanting to get signed up AND have already filled in the form here, you will receive an invitation.
Once you get that and sign up and make your first payment, the rest of the process will be explained.