How do we access the space now?

It’s been some months since my last visit. To my surprise there’s a new shutter control box.
Unfortunately the instructions on how to access the space haven’t been updated.

How do I get in?

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This is also news to me. Does my existing fob work? @petra have you used it?

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Just tap your fob on the reciever?

Worked for me.


Yes just tap your fob on the box.

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There is still a booking system.

But yeah, book and tap the box. :+1:

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Hi. :smiley: ive e,mailed Dermot about this earlier as I could,nt get in to clean at 630 am this morning. The shutter works fine its just doorbot has gone to sleep/rouge/ (im sorry Dave you cant come in ) please can it be rebooted as im in tomorrow morning early to clean ( thank you )

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Ok. So I’m not a complete numpty and tapped the black box and nothing happened. Hence the message. Pity it didn’t work.

So I think my fob being temp disabled and re-enabled (I’d lost it I’d thought) has mucked it up.

Best I come in and get a new one.
Do you or someone know how to
A) make it for new system? I hear we have one.
B) replace the one on my account?
C) ensure it has my other tool access?

Happy to research and come in when I’m suggested to this week.

Thanks Petra

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There was some certificate update (@courty) and the shutter system was down I think, it can very well be that case and your fob working.

If it’s your fob, go to and in the settings there should be an option - a button for disabling your old fob and activating a new one - for activating a new one you need to go to the space FIRST and take a new fob, register it at the kiosk. Confirm in in the email and then on the members website.

I am not sure there is a new system that can do the same, but there is in progress.

Your tool access is uploaded on your profile that connects to your tag, so it should work right away. You should be able to see your tool permissions on the website above as well.

I’d suggest to book yourself for a clean room to anyone else’s session. :+1:

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Very unlikely your fob is broken (not impossible of course)

If you have NFC reader on your phone then we can check it’s the correct fob ID registered on the system (DM)

fob “works”, I was more concerned about it working on a new system as per your comment on our other chat when you helped me disabled/re-enabled it.

looks like I’ll make a booking and see if i can open it now.

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The system is still down and currently no fob response to the system.

Courty is coming to fix it today so hopefully it will be up and running again.

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The door system is fixed now!

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Yay! Thanks all!

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The sage continues.
So the membership computer knows the rage is mine and opens my account.

The door bot doesn’t recognise the tag.

The shutter also appears to not know. Harder to tell. No nice error text screen.

@Courty, that sounds exactly like the issue I had with my fob a couple of months ago.

The membership console in the Space? Not sure that’s anything to do with the current system (it was disconnected last time I was in)

@Courty at the moment is the only one who can clarify all this, as it’s not yet documented

However: the tag registered on the current system is a completely different one from the one on the old system (which is the one you used at the kiosk)…I can change it for you as I can see both IDs

Some clarity !

The kiosk is no longer in use, it will be repurposed for the new system but not this week !

All tool and door control is now on the new system. If you have paid up, you will have an account on this system. Go to and click on Login. Use your email that you registered with previously as your username and if the password doesn’t work, click Forget password and reset it.
Once your in, you will see the members menu which will show you a number of things inc what tool rights you have. Ignore the subscription part at the min, that will be sorted out soon.

Permissions for tools and doors Only come from here now, nowhere else.

If you are experiencing an issue with tag permissions, try it on the door and if it says ‘no tag’, note the exact time and send me a message.

Due to getting through close to 1,000 tags on the old system, you will no longer be able to commission your own tag. If you need a replacement, grab a new one and follow the instructions above sending us the date and time you presented it to a reader etc.

The old system is being decommissioned as time allows.

Any issues @ me and I’ll have a look…



Sounds like a very useful info for all @members

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