How do I become a member?

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Hello everyone,

I have a woodworking business idea and I’m keen to become a member.

Also keen to join the SLMS community and meet some interesting people + make new friends etc…

I have been through woodworking inductions previously at university.

Who do I need to speak with / what’s the next step?

Many thanks!


Hi Alex

It doesn’t seem possible currently. I have been on the list now since the beginning of 2020 but have heard nothing for a long time.

Let me know if you get anywhere.


Thanks for your reply Nick.

Could someone please offer help / comment on how we might speed this up?

I’m still keen to join, and it seems there are others waiting too.

What do we need to do ???



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Join the wait-list by filling in this:

Things have not been moving fast due to continuous covid concerns and a huge volunteers drop out. As soon as the england covid rules eased mid July, we started working on training technicians as well as solidifying inductions and infrastructure to be able to take on new members safely - building air purifiers and seconds Arch. But also it’s been slow due to people being on holidays, having jobs etc

It is against the slms rules to run a business from slms, but it’s great for prototyping.

We’re expecting opening soon ish and going through the wait-list fairly quickly.

Hope this helped at least a little bit.

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Hi All,

Another keen woodworker here whose been on the list a long time - really hope we can be inducted soon. Keep up the good work SLMS


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