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I’m looking for an online ‘bin’ where I can document projects that I’ve done. I say ‘bin’ because I just want to have somewhere where I can throw a few files of different sorts - jpegs, F360 files, stls etc, and have them downloadable and preferably with some sort of preview.

Does this sort of thing exist?

I don’t really want to use thingiverse or instructables as it’ll be a sort of portfolio of work I’ve done too.

Any suggestions?

There’s all the usual stuff like Google Drive, Dropbox, and any of the other multiple cloud storage services out there. You can chuck a certain amount in for free, if it’s a few stl files and jpgs you’ll easily fly under the limit where you have to start paying.

As for previews, I think that’s harder to do especially for 3D files. I have a mac and have a folder which is mirrored to the cloud (using Google File Stream I think it’s called, which us just a mechanism to keep my hard drive and Google Drive sync’d) and various plugins for Finder (google ‘quicklook’) for stls and so on but most of them are unmaintained and now incompatible or a total faff to install but that gives me previews of things but does mean I have to have the data on my hard drive as well as in the cloud. There’s software for previews but you have to load the file, it’s not a thumbnail in a browser.

github free does private repositories - it also great for version control

I have used it in a similar way to what you describe as your requirements

githubs desktop app allows you to manage local and remote copies

I’d try Dropbox with the Autodesk viewer plugin:

Preview AutoCAD files in Dropbox. View and share your most valuable work by previewing AutoCAD files in Dropbox.
Collaborate with ease. Ensure team members have seamless access to the most recent version of your project work.
Accelerate innovation. Files automatically stay in sync so your team can create amazing designs in less time.
Work on-the-go. Team members can easily access Dropbox files from the office or on the road with the Autodesk cloud mobile applications.

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“portfolio” suggests publicly-viewable. If this is the case, I’d certainly go with github, as @deanforbes suggests:.

You could make a portfolio repository with a and a projects/ folder, which you can then link to from the readme.

The reason I’d lean into using just github, is it has native previewing of .stl and other files that is, frankly, incredible.


An example:

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