Home brewers - where do you get your supplies?

(Filip) #1

Sometimes I do home brewing, either from wilko kits or using odd recipes I find for wine or cider-like products with mixed results. However I’ve never actually found a proper online store for ingredients, and amazon’s selection is actually kinda lacking. Where do you get your stuff? And what sort of beverages do you like to brew with it?

(Graham Clemo) #2

I don’t brew myself but I bought my Dad some beer brewing kits from brewuk.co.uk and he seemed to be happy with those.

(Dan Harrison) #3

‘Water Into Beer’ in Brockley SE4 do homebrewing supplies as well as being an excellent bottle-shop

(Dan Yilmaz) #4

I’ve been mostly buying through amazon, but you’re quite right, their range is limited.

I’ve heard of these guys- https://www.londonbeerlab.com/ in Brixton. They sell online too, but their brick and mortar shop isn’t too far from the space.
I’ve not used them yet, but they seem promising

(Duncan Jackson) #5

Have you tried London Beer Lab in Brixton?:
I’ve seen people buying supplies there (+beer). I did one of their beer brewing days but still haven’t got around to brewing my own yet (…several years later!)

(Martin Convery) #6

Water into beer is good and have first Sunday in the month homebrewers meeting

(Lesley Hilling) #7

My partner Nel makes wine. She gets her stuff from here: https://www.home-brew-hopshop.co.uk
or Sheels in Lewisham high street. She also has some demi johns she wants to give away if you’re interested?

(EdwardBilson) #8

Wilkos for big standard but useful kit. Can’t go wrong :+1: