Hola folks: H introducing myself

Hello, glad to be here. I’m Humberto, a trained lawyer and bicycle mechanic. I’m chuffed to join the space to do some woodworking and textile making. I’m an experienced pro bike mechanic and I know my way around a workshop- happy to talk bikes and bike issues at any time. I’m looking forward to meeting you folks, seeing what youre up to and hopefully getting some synergy flowing. I want to learn welding and improve my woodworking.

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Hello Humberto,

Welcome to our community! Sound like you’ll fit right in.

If you’re available tonight, you could drop by for Electronics Night which is open to members and non-members alike (7.30pm -11pm). You won’t need a project you can just come and hang out, have a beverage and a chat. Any member will be happy to show you our Makerspace and all the tools.

Otherwise, next Wednesday, November 2nd, is the next Open Evening where you’ll get a tour and you can ask all questions membership (7pm-9pm).

See you at the Makerspace,

Thanks Mark. I’ll definitely be there next Wednesday :+1:


We have a lot of members that enjoy cycling and bike maintenance ! I think @asander1 was going to organise another bike repair event in the next few weeks so check the calendar :bike:

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Hi Julia,

Not surprised many members are into bike spannering. I’ll keep an eye on the calendar :+1:

Hi Humberto,

Good to have you aboard. Happy making!


Thanks Glenn, looking forward to it.

If there’s any Spanish or Portugurse speakers in the crowd, drop me a line!

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