Hiya! my name is Vicky, an experienced dilatant!

Hiya, my name is Vicky, and I love making random bits and bobs by experimenting with stuff. from rennovations to trinckets, I love making stuff. I have experience with Tig, laser, lathing, brazing, working with Plywood, CNC and more!

Went to the lovely space last night and felt that there’s an amazing community there!!
projects that I would love to do are lathing some metal pens, and building from scratch, a 4 axis metal CNC machine (which i think will take at least a few years)

The next-door space looks really exciting! and would love to help out fitting things out (to learn how to fitout a space), it would be amazing if the next door space had an oxypropyl torch for brazing and melting metals!

below are some of the most recent trinkets that I made!


It was great meeting you last night Vicky! Thanks for posting that album; it’s great seeing the detail on the Venice fish!

It was great to meet you at the open evening Vicky, and the detail on your Venice fish looks amazing.
I am also very interested in all things metal melting, and am very keen to be involved in those sorts of projects!

Vicky, it was nice to meet you on Wednesday! Now that I’ve had a closer look, how did you shape those metal and wood map pieces to fit into the curve of the fish and keep their detail?

You noticed the most complicated part! The metal pieces are CNC aluminium polished, and it’s a 2 faced operation.

I had to mill the bottom face, then braze on some tabs, then mill a special holder out of CNC foam, then mill the top face then inscribe with a v cutter


welcome to the space! Nice installations!