Higher res screen printing

I have a client who is looking for fairly good resolution screen printing to put their logo on tshirts and aprons. They’re willing to pay if anyone is interested?

@silkscreentechs @Howard ?


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I think these sorts of offers present massive potential for an injection of funding to the relevant area for consumables / new kit / etc. as well as increased member input and thus participants would gain a good amount of experience and have a chance to get to know other members.

These sorts projects could easily be used as inductions for given areas if there was anyone up for stepping forward to lead, ideally this would be shared potentially with the research into process being carried out ad lib by interested parties where no tech time is available, successful project leaders can easily be added to the existing tech pool to do inductions and lead future projects as and when demand arises.

@tinkalo had previously expressed prior interest and experience in screen printing. @StudioNelle?

I’d be keen to lend a hand and learn a thing or two. @Howard’s input is for sure valuable having set up most of what is extant in the screen printing area…!

Depending on their time frame would probably be best to direct them to somewhere a little more ready for this

@Ty_design has a good overview of commercial textiles printers in the area

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