Hi there, I'm Ralph

Hello all,

I’m very excited to have joined Maker Space and cant wait to get stuck into some projects!
I make kitchen knives, wood tools and a bit of jewellery in my spare time, so am mostly working with wood and metal. I would really love to get back to making knives as I haven’t had a place to do so for the last year or so. I’ve got a few specific tools that I’d like to bring with me for everyone to use, a small linisher/beltgrinder and a 3kw heat treating kiln, which can also be used for enamelling. I’d be very keen to get inductions on tools in the wood shop and metal shop, lathes, mills, bandsaws that sort of thing!


Hello Ralph,

Welcome to our community! You found the right place. Sounds like you bring a lot of experience as well! I’m sure you’ll fit right in! The metal shop has been picking up speed recently!

You have now access to all members’ areas here on Discourse including all the induction waiting lists.

Next time you come to the Space, make sure to pick up your keyfob and ask a member to help you getting it activated. If you haven’t seen the space and you’re available this coming Wednesday, 22nd March from 7pm-9pm, come to our Open Evening for a tour and a chat!

See you soon at the Makerspace,

Hi @RalphHJ

Welcome to the Maker Space. I’ll be hosting the Open Evening this Wednesday. Feel free to drop by and say hi. If you need to pick up your key fob I can show you how to get it set up.


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Fantastic, thank you Mark, I’m unfortunately going to be out of london on wednesday, but will make sure to get myself over to maker space as soon as possible to start meeting people and to crack on with inductions.

Hi Glenn,

That sounds excellent, I wont be available for wednesday unfortunately, but will make to to get over to makerspace as soon as possible, very keen to have a good chat to discuss project ideas and how might be best to go about starting them.

All the best,