Hi there, I'm Inga!

So excited to become a member here! My name is Inga, I’m 30 years old and live in East Dulwich with my partner and my 10 month old. We are currently in Norway, where I’m from, for my clinical rotation in med school, but will be back in London soon.

I am an avid knitter and have done some sewing, and really enjoy making stuff in general. I’ve joined the makerspace because I’m interested in learning some new skills - in particular woodwork and sewing, and also to hang out with other makers. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Hi Inga!

Nice to meet another textile enthusiast!

We have a textiles meet-up every second Tuesday! Have a looking the calendar for the next one.
People just come along to work on their projects, share their ideas or looking for some input on their process.

You’ve come to the right place! We do all these things! Sewing, woodworking…but I think our speciality is hanging out and chatting about our projects, and getting excited about other peoples projects! :grinning:


Welcome Inga!! Looking forward to see you around the textile area and can’t wait to pick your brains on knitting (I’m a machine knitter but my restlessness makes me hopeless with hand knitting) :hugs:

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Perfect, I’ll check it out! Looking forward to seeing you at a meet-up in the not too distant future, then :smiley:

Thank you! I have a friend who does a bit of machine knitting, and she’s promised to teach me when I get back. I love hand knitting, but I have too many projects I wanna do and not enough time haha. So maybe we can pick each others brains, then! I can talk about knitting all day haha :smiley:

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Deal :dancer:!! Happy to show you around the machine too you’ll be whizzing meters of stockinette in minutes (no guarantees of productivity for anything else I warn ya :rofl:) and our chats will help light up my knitting spark again: I also just moved here and after a couple of months of separation from my machines a little push would be most welcome :slight_smile: