Hi, my name is Carl

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Hi all,

Firstly, I hope you and your loved ones are happy and healthy!

I’ve been eagerly waiting for an email since signing up in January, and just wondering if there is anyone who can confirm that all is well and I haven’t somehow screwed up along the way?

I usually help my old man restore an old farmhouse in France and post videos on YouTube, however with the current situation this isn’t possible for a few months at minimum. I’m desperately looking for somewhere to get that maker ‘fix’ (mostly woodwork) as soon as the restrictions are lifted and the community you have here is brilliant! Currently I’m eyeing up some gumtree garages but god knows that’ll be lonely…

Anyway, good luck with all the home projects you’re attempting during lockdown! :slight_smile:



I too am really into my woodwork. I studied a bit many years back and did restoration. Getting into the space is obviously not happening for a while and I am really frustrated because I had just joined. A garage would be viable if more than one person was involved. As long as you get people with a similar way of working. I look forward to seeing you in the Makerspace when it opens again. Until then maybe you can do research or learn new techniques. I discovered my next project as I put a designers name to several pieces I had saved photos of. So there is a silver lining to the pandemic.
All the best

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Hi Carl,


I’ve checked and you’re on the mailing list

We haven’t opened up any new membership spaces since February due of course to the pandemic thing – you’ll be on the first mailout when we reopen

Hi Dermot,

Thanks for letting me know - can’t wait!

Take care until then

Hi Giles,
I’m actually viewing a garage tomorrow, alone (theyre leaving it unlocked) but like you said, it’s very expensive… hopefully its no good and I don’t get tempted!


What sort of money are they asking for a garage?

Hi Carl,

I already have got a garage and working on adjustments over the Corona times on my own.
In addition to a drum soundproofed box I’m adding workbench at the back, some organisers too. It is awkward with electricity there so I started collecting cordless powertools, it will do for some projects, it’s tiny but good enough. Aiming to finish by the end of the month, need to retard the progress now as I cought a frisbee with my nose yesterday, eh, nothing serious though.

It took me some time to find a landlord who is fine with me actually using the space like this as most of the garage people on the internet seemed to want their garages be used as a storage only. Found one at the end nevertheless.

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circa £500/month, not including electricity. Found a couple in tooting and one very large one in Croydon. The main concern I have is that they want to lock in a contract of 6 months or more… quite a big commitment right now!

Hi Petra,
Lovely to meet you, very envious of your space! If you dont mind saying, how much are you paying for it?
Like you said, the electricity is a big pain, i’ve only been looking for ones with mains available but for that reason theyre more spenny.
Hope the nose recovers asap, i’ve also been frisbeeing more in the last 3 weeks than the last 10 years :slight_smile:

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Hi Carl,
lovely to meet you too!

I sent you a private message re-garage.