Hi - Jo, new here

Hi all,
It seems I made it through the waiting list - amazing! I am keen to join inductions and other activities, my current projects are around papercutting, so the Laser Cutter is too of my interest list right now! Hope to see you soon.


Hi Jo. Welcome!

Once your member profile on discourse has been updated you will be able to see the induction waiting lists here: https://discourse.southlondonmakerspace.org/c/admin/induction-waiting-lists

We have other members who laser cut paper, including @Kuniko

See you in the space


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Hi Brendon, thanks for this - very interested to see what @kuniko is doing. The waiting list for the induction doesn’t seem to work for me (see screenshot). Any idea how I can put my name down?

Hi. Your discourse membership hasn’t yet been upgraded to give you access to member-only pages.
Should happen soon!

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Hi buddy! Welcome! What kind of paper cut stuff have you done?

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I am just getting started and have worked on cuts based on maps, with multiple layers, here is an example animation - but you have to look at it on a desktop (it will only show one side on mobile: https://www.flipsnack.com/5AA8DC5569B/lg-flipcard.html and disregard the first page.

Wow that is awesome! I have been thinking about doing some map things but doing it on paper looks better! If love to meet up… When do you go to the space

That would be great. I can make it this coming Mon-Wed anytime after 4pm but since I have no key/fob yet I would only go if I know someone is there - so let me know if you are around and I can try to make it then?

I’m meeting a mushroom-loving new guy in the space at 7, want to join in at that time? It’d be good to meet you both!

I have a fob and shutter access so we are guaranteed a spot :slight_smile:

7 sounds good - but what day…am…pm? 7am today won’t work for me sadly, let me know the next time you are there

Getting there… Here is the latest iteration of my lasercut, layered maps

still needs a lot of work!


Nice! Some good progress!!

o wow… that looks great! Show us a pic of them overlaid properly!

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Give me another… Erm…4 months :slight_smile: