Hi, I'm Wing

Hello, I’m Wing
Honestly I’m still quite new to designing and making things so if you see me hovering or staring off in the distance I’m probably just lost as I don’t have much experience.
In the past year I’ve learnt a lot from the Institute of Making at UCL and have been on a mission to build my own bass guitar and went through a tedious journey of figuring out how to use Fusion360 through trial and error.
Sadly, turns out I got my pocket dimensions wrong so now I have to use a hand router anyway after spending hours on the CNC but I guess that’s part of the learning!
Just need to make the pockets larger, cut out a back plate, drill a lot of holes, and then hopefully it’ll be time to assemble :slight_smile:
Looking forward to meeting you guys and seeing what fun projects people are working on.


That bass looks beautiful so far! Looking forward to meeting you and seeing the things you end up making!